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  • Meet Shannon | Awake Illinois

    BACK TO ABOUT Shannon Adcock Mother of 3 Founder and President, Awake IL and Awake Americans EMAIL: Background Shannon is the Founder and President of Awake Illinois. Born and raised in IL, she is the first woman in her family to receive a college degree after attending University of Illinois (2002). She and her husband of 20 years have three children and two scraggly old English sheepdogs. Shannon is a Naperville resident who has been actively involved in: Serving on the PTA Leading C ommunity Fundraisers and Philanthropy Activism for Parental Rights, Equality in Education, and Civic Empowerment She became an "accidental activist" during the reopening public schools effort and decided to run for the local board of education in Fall 2020. During the school board campaign, she was called a "White Supremacist" and a "racist" by local extremists for her pro-constitutional platform . However, she can take the punches and her determination was only further reinforced and fueled . Her advocacy is firmly rooted in her Christian Faith and she felt called to start this nonprofit organization. In May 2021 she launched Awake IL as a registered 501(c) to build a grassroots movement of fellow parents and citizens who are committed to protecting ALL children, our liberties, and our American way of life. She most recently founded affiliate organization Awake Americans , a 501c3 nonprofit that aims to awaken everyday citizens into advocacy and empower them to have courageous conversations. ​ Join the movement that is empowering people throughout the Land of Lincoln.

  • GRATEFUL | Awake Illinois

    Please enjoy the messages of Grace and Gratitude from inspiring voices throughout IL. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  • LIST | Awake Illinois

    Module 1: S is for Sexualized (Grades K-2) 播放影片 Module 2: S is for Sexualized (Grades 3-5) 播放影片 Module 3: S is for Sexualized (Grade 6) 播放影片 NO S.I.R. Series 立即觀看 Module 2: S is for Sexualized (Grades 3-5) 播放影片 分享 整個頻道 此影片 Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr 複製連結 複製的連結 分享 關閉

  • OPT OUT | Awake Illinois

    In May of 2021, Senator Darren Bailey ( current candidate for IL Governor ) published a statement opposing SB0818. In June of 2021, Awake Illinois posted a call to action for Governor Pritzker to veto SB0818 . It was signed into law in August of 2021 . Illinois is the ONLY state adopting the second edition of the perverse National Sex Education Standards . Illinois parents can opt their children out of sex education. Districts that don’t teach it WILL NOT have to follow the new radical and perverse standards. The Illinois State Board of Eduction has until August 2022 to develop the curriculum. See the updated list of schools who have announced their 2022 sex ed curricula plans. Share these resources with your communities to protect children in the classroom and submit the OPT OUT FORM TODAY . Sex Ed & Public Act 102-0522 (SB 0818) Read about the latest law signed by Governor Pritzker making Illinois the first state to adopt the second edition of the radical National Sex Education Standards. LEARN MORE NATIONAL SEX ED STANDARDS (NSES) Written by social activists, read the full booklet of this non-accredited effort to push radical sexual concepts in K-12 classrooms. This effort is backed by Planned Parenthood, Advocates for Youth, and SEICUS (which is on the Awake IL Watchdog list). READ THE STANDARDS HAS MY SCHOOL ADOPTED NSES? Thanks to Mr. Wynn for creating and updating this list of schools. Check to see if your school has plans to implement the radical National Sex Education Standards. The time is now to relay your thoughts to school boards on any implementation of CSE/NSES. CLICK TO VIEW LIST HOW TO OPT OUT Use this form (courtesy of Illinois Family Institute ) to opt your child out of comprehensive sex ed (and/or additional topics). Be sure to follow the directions to ensure it is documented and added to your child's school file . Anchor 1 READ THE STANDARDS BY GRADE LEVEL. SCROLL THROUGH THE THUMBNAILS.

  • Live Video | Awake Illinois

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  • CONTACT | Awake Illinois

    Contact Awake Illinois Please fill out the form to submit questions or inquiries. Address 2020 Calamos Court, Suite 200 Naperville, Illinois 60563 (By Appointment Only) Phone (630) 349-6864 Email Social Media First Name Last Name Email Message Thanks for submitting! Send

  • SURUS | Awake Illinois

    DuPage and Lake Counties Cell: 480-239-7175

  • EVENTS | Awake Illinois

    即將到來的活動 Time is TBD Location is TBD Coalition for Kids Event Time is TBD Location is TBD Sponsorships available now. Registration/Venue details will be posted soon. This event is going to be bigger than originally planned due to national news coverage, citizen interest, and statewide support -- Can't cancel us! 多 + 34 購買票券 2月09日周四 Webinar: Psychology of Offense Webinar: Psychology of Offense 2023年2月09日 18:00 – 19:30 Webinar: Psychology of Offense TH. Feb 9, 2023 6PM CST/7PM EST: For the first time, learn the psychological foundation of our “Courage Is A Habit” tools so you can understand how best to use them to make your advocacy more efficient. Each session of the webinar may feature a different tool so every session will be unique. 多 + 47 詳細資料 1月27日周五 Webinar: Psychology of Offense WEBINAR TEST 2023年1月27日 14:00 – 16:00 Webinar: Psychology of Offense TEST RUN 詳細資料 1月25日周三 Webinar: Psychology of Offense Webinar: Psychology of Offense TEST RUN 2023年1月25日 13:42 – 2023年1月26日 13:42 Webinar: Psychology of Offense TH. Feb 9, 2023 6PM CST/7PM EST: For the first time, learn the psychological foundation of our “Courage Is A Habit” tools so you can understand how best to use them to make your advocacy more efficient. Each session of the webinar may feature a different tool so every session will be unique. 詳細資料 1月14日周六 Westin Itasca ADVOCATE WORKSHOP 2023年1月14日 09:50 – 16:50 Westin Itasca, 400 Park Blvd, Itasca, IL 60143, USA Parents, school board candidates, and community members are invited to attend this all-day seminar in Itasca, IL. This series of workshops will cover parental rights, education, and civic topics. Awake members get a 20% discount on tickets (see newsletter). Schedule TBA soon! 多 + 64 詳細資料 9月09日周五 Hoffman House FUNDRAISER FOR BAILEY AND DEVORE 2022年9月09日 18:00 – 20:00 Hoffman House, 7550 E State St, Rockford, IL 61108, USA Support the courageous men who stood up to tyrannical Governor Pritzker: Sen Darren Bailey for IL Governor and Tom DeVore for IL Attorney General 多 + 46 詳細資料 9月08日周四 Emmett's Brewing Co Raising Street Smart Kids in DuPage 2022年9月08日 18:30 Emmett's Brewing Co, 5200 Main St, Downers Grove, IL 60515, USA 6:30pm-7:00pm Social 7:00pm Speaker: DuPage County Sheriff James Mendrick Followed by Meet and Greet with local and state candidates: Keith Pekau, 6th Congressional District 詳細資料 9月08日周四 Awake IL Facebook Live Save Women's Sports | Title IX 2022年9月08日 10:00 Awake IL Facebook Live Patti Hupp joins the FB live discussion on Title IX and the call to action to save women's sports. What is Title IX? What are the concerns about proposed changes to Title IX? 了解更多 9月06日周二 Tom DeVore joins Facebook Live! 2022年9月06日 10:00 了解更多 8月31日周三 Awake IL FB Live What is Amendment 1? FB Live with Ted Dabrowski, Wirepoints 2022年8月31日 12:00 Awake IL FB Live Head to to hear Wirepoints President Ted Dabrowski discuss Amendment 1, which is on the Nov. 8th ballot. What is it? Why is it important? Join us live to learn more and ask questions. 了解更多 6月18日周六 Naperville Awake IL Anniversary Event 2022年6月18日 18:00 – 22:00 Naperville, 2139 City Gate Ln, Naperville, IL 60563, USA To celebrate the 1st anniversary of Awake Illinois advocacy, join us for a fun, empowering evening with national experts on education and civic issues. Keynote Speaker: Corey DeAngelis, Ph.D. National Dir. of Research, American Federation For Children. Cocktail VIP reception 5pm; Plated Dinner, 6pm 多 + 59 詳細資料 5月10日周二 Midway Village Museum Courage Week ACTIVATED 2022年5月10日 18:00 – 2022年5月11日 18:00 Midway Village Museum, 6799 Guilford Rd, Rockford, IL 61107, USA COURAGE WEEK *ACTIVATED* KEYNOTE SPEAKER SCOTT PRESLER GUEST SPEAKERS: STEPHANIE TRUSSELL CANDIDATE FOR LT GOVERNOR & CATALINA LAUF FOR US CONGRESSIONAL IL-11 多 + 12 詳細資料 5月09日周一 Hoffman House Courage Week 2022年5月09日 18:00 – 20:00 Hoffman House, 7550 E State St, Rockford, IL 61108, USA Come meet the courageous men who stood up to tyrannical Governor Pritzker: Sen Darren Bailey for IL Governor and Tom DeVore for IL Attorney General 多 + 161 詳細資料 2月25日周五 Tap in Pub Awake At Night-SOLD OUT! 2022年2月25日 18:30 Tap in Pub, 2155 CityGate Lane Naperville, IL 60563 Save the Date for a Fundraiser with Comedian Ken Sevara. Attendees/sponsors may purchase tickets/sponsorships online OR may send cash/check (payable to Awake Illinois) to PO Box 9620 Naperville, IL 60567. 多 + 42 詳細資料 1月04日周二 Doubletree Abraham Lincoln Hotel Springfield Summit-Plaintiffs and Leaders 2022年1月04日 17:30 Doubletree Abraham Lincoln Hotel, 701 E Adams St, Springfield, IL 62701, USA This is a private event for plaintiffs/families in the Tom Devore case. We can mingle and chat on the eve of our court hearing (scheduled for Jan. 5th). Event is tentatively booked for the Lincoln Room of the hotel. 多 + 19 詳細資料 6月14日周一 Awake IL Webcast Awake IL Webcast - Monday Take Back During D204 BOE Meeting 2021年6月14日 19:00 Awake IL Webcast Join the inaugural Awake chapter of Naperville as leadership discusses the educational and legislative issues in our community. D204 will be discussing 2021-2022 school year plans. 詳細資料 6月07日周一 Awake IL Webcast Awake IL Webcast - Monday Take Back During D203 BOE Meeting 2021年6月07日 19:00 Awake IL Webcast Join the inaugural Awake chapter of Naperville as leadership discusses the educational and legislative issues in our community. Chris Howse from Turning Point USA will also join us to discuss the latest efforts on free speech advocacy in schools. Post questions and comments in the chat tonight! 詳細資料 5月26日周三 縮放方向 伊利諾伊州清醒方向放大 2021年5月26日 19:00 縮放方向 醒來的IL領導代表將討論這個新成立的501(c)(4)的使命,目標和最佳做法,該動員會在我們的整個社區中進行宣傳。 詳細資料 載入更多

  • Common Sense Caravan 2022 | Awake Illinois

    COUNTDOWN TO THE CARAVAN TO SPRINGFIELD DATE Tuesday, August 16, 2022 TIME 2:00 pm Meet at Lincoln Statue 2:15 pm Caravan Walk-About from Lincoln Statue 3pm Remarks at Lincoln Statue 4:45pm Departure (The IL State Fair is hosting various events throughout the week! Several groups plan to check out the fun and make a full day or overnight trip) . LOCATION The LINCOLN STATUE ( reserved ) at the Springfield, Illinois Capitol - please read the visitor rules here . FREE REGISTRATION Submit the registration form to get the latest event updates/announcements. FYI American flags, group banners, and messaging posters are encouraged. All materials should be family-friendly and respectful. All items are to be held in hand; NO affixing to any structure or to capitol property . Bring water and check the weather for temp/conditions. Civil conduct only; no unlawful or disorderly conduct will be tolerated . Communities can meet up as a caravan at your closest on-ramp or set point to start the journey to Springfield. Take pics and video and post with #ILcaravan22 CURRENT MEET UP LOCATIONS Tuesday, August 16, 2022: Some vehicles will meet at set locations before continuing to Springfield. Please add your meet up location at this link and the list will update. • Wally's, 1 Holiday Road, Pontiac, IL 61764, 9:45am Cars Depart FREE ATTENDEE REGISTRATION SPONSOR THE CARAVAN READ THE PRESS RELEASE DOWNLOAD POSTERS TO PRINT FREE ATTENDEE REGISTRATION Who is Invited? Any and all grassroots group, parental rights advocates, and pro-constitution citizens. Groups from outside IL are also welcome. After years of government overreach and an Illinois General Assembly that has let Governor Pritzker rule by tyranny, We the People, are a united force. Whether you are a small community group or a larger statewide effort, we will restore IL together. See Coalition Groups listed below. ​ What is the goal? This event will symbolize that regular people are THE voice in Illinois. Many of us are feeling like political orphans in the wake of harmful pandemic policies, anti-child agendas, and woke ideologies led by democrats and barely fought by weak republicans. The time is now to ensure a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Our children cannot advocate for themselves, so we must take a stand for them. The General Election is November 8, 2022. Wherever you fall in the political spectrum, join us as Americans who have HOPE for Illinois and the future of our country. ​ How will we convey the message? This event will be a RESPECTFUL and professional display of thought leaders and advocates. Anyone displaying contrary behavior will be asked to detach from the caravan. From testimony to inspirational calls to action, this will be an illustration of the HOPE we have the Land of Lincoln. All signage must be carried ; no affixing to any part of capitol grounds is allowed. Invitations will be send to select political candidates who have championed liberty, due process, and parental rights. ​ What are the main issues? Parental Rights Sex Ed/Gender Ideology Education Freedom Safe Communities/Crime Government Overreach/Smaller Government Modernized Infrastructure Pro-America/Anti-Marxism ​ Why the "Common Sense Caravan"? To solve the biggest problems plaguing Illinois merely takes COMMON SENSE. We invite state and local leadership to bring HOPE to Illinois by working alongside the coalition on reasonable solutions that will protect children, make for safer communities, promote parental rights, improve educational outcomes, reduce government bloat, and modernize our state infrastructure. FREE ATTENDEE REGISTRATION Coalition Groups & Sponsors COALITION Anchor 2 FREE ATTENDEE REGISTRATION PRINTABLE GRAPHICS FOR POSTERS/SIGNS FREE ATTENDEE REGISTRATION

  • Watchdog List | Awake Illinois

    Awake Illinois is happy to shed light on the following list. As communities share their concerns regarding failed leadership and unethical/unlawful policies, they will be posted here. ​ ANNOUNCING: Awake IL Advancing Freedom Award WARRIORS. Each quarter, our organization will highlight people who are leading our state and communities forward with integrity. The inaugural recipient of the Spring 2022 award is Attorney Thomas DeVore . ​ To submit a report to our Awake Watchdog Team click here . Only documented, substantiated reports will be shared. Anonymity is guaranteed. ​ Governor JB Pritzker He is failing Illinois. He doesn't support you or your children. Judy Kauerauf, IDPH On a June 2021 IDPH Webinar, Judy called children "little vectors" in the IDPH/ISBE push to implement Shield Testing and vaccines via schools. "Vaccine gives you power" is one of her statements on the webinar. In January 2022, Missouri lawmakers refused to confirm her husband Don Kauerauf for MO State Health Director. Concerns surrounding Judy's involvement in IDPH vaccine and testing push was referenced as a concern. Joel Taub Glenbrook High School District 225 Board of Education member. Unfit to serve on the board after profanity-fueled assault on citizen during public comment. IL Senators for HB1169 The "Y" votes amended the Healthcare Right of Conscience Act thus limiting your healthcare freedoms. IL House Reps for HB1169 The "Y" votes amended the Healthcare Right of Conscience Act thus limiting your healthcare freedoms. James A. Petrungaro Attorney for Glenview 34. Also a parent in Glenview 34. Conflict of interest concerns. JCAR They waited months to halt the ISBE/IDPH emergency rules that were applied to schools unlawfully. The Gender Unicorn Posted in Glenbrook South Bathroom Used during Downers Grove H.S. classroom discussion with a LGBTQ speaker; parents NOT informed. Waubonsie H.S., classroom presentation; parents NOT informed. Janice Guider, DuPage Co. Health Dept. Board Janice Guider is on DuPage County Health Department board, DuPage NAACP, and runs “#Equity in Health Advisors”. FOIAs show a conflict of interest. Never Forget, Thread Follow the brilliant thread by @EWoodhouse7, Twitter. Never Forget these comments. St. Charles Public Library The staff repeatedly discriminated against unmasked patrons. They called the police on a peaceful group of Moms, made a 6 year old cry, and were ultimately told by the authorities that forced masking is "unenforceable". They opted to close the library down to the public in the aftermath. Note their use of the word "threats". Director Edith Craig and the Board of Trustees owe an apology to the patrons who experienced discrimination and to the public for closing the library. Carmen Ayala, State Superintendent of Education Carmen Ayala spent the last year coercing and threatening school administrators and districts to follow various mask/Covid policies. She abused her power and aimed to restrict the lawful authority delegated to local school boards and private school administrators,. She should issue an apology and resign immediately. IL State Board of Education They let Carmen Ayala exert unlawful authority over schools. They ignored the pleas of IL parents, administrators, and communities to act lawfully and with integrity. They owe an apology to the IL people. An independent review of their failures is warranted. SEL4IL: Molly Gosline & Patricia A. Martin On staff at Adlai E. Stevenson High School in Lincolnshire, Illinois, they promote divisive and race-based curricula. SIECUS: Sex Ed for Social Change They use clever buzz words "Community action", "social change", "coalition building" to hide their clear agenda of sexual grooming and hyper-sexualization of minors. IL Caucus for Adolescent Health Take a look at their programming and funders. We see indoctrination/grooming efforts and questionable sponsors. Indivisible Illinois This radical progressive group is highly active in IL and works to demean citizens who don't support socialism while attempting to disrupt elections.

  • WARRIORS/WATCHDOG | Awake Illinois

    Awake Warriors Submit a Name Know a Warrior deserving of recognition or have a Watchdog list suggestion? Send us an email . © 2022 AWAKE ILLINOIS is a registered 501 (c)(4) not-for-profit organization . Donations are not tax-deductible. Donators are NOT disclosed per law. PO BOX 9620 Naperville, Illinois 60567 We are proud Americans. We are Awake Illinois.

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