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Indian Prairie School District 204
Latest Reports and Calls of Action

These are the most current reports since the portal launched in June 2024. Click images to learn more. We encourage residents of this district to share these reports and engage in any affiliated calls of action.

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Demand Transparency;

At Hill Middle School, staff used two different permission slips for the after school Gay Straight Alliance club. One had the outline of activities (top photo) and one did not (bottom photo). Parents who were given the "fake" permission slip were surprised to learn their minors were attending the GSA after-school meetings. They also learned their children were permitted to use alternative pronouns and names. Had the parents been informed of the club's discussions, they would not have permitted their children to attend. District parents are encouraged to share this incident and demand improved transparency either via district-wide policy or school-based procedure. Submit this form if you agree there should never be secrets between staff and minor children at school. Especially when discussions of sex and sexuality are taking place. Submissions will be sent to the school principal and school district board members. Any update on this incident will be posted here.

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