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Awake Illinois Civic Leadership


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Awake Illinois is very excited to be building a team of civic volunteers who are interested in supporting grassroots efforts and pro-constitution, pro-parent, pro-common sense policies in Illinois. We are the only grassroots organization that is registered with the State Board of Elections as a nonpartisan civic organization.

Awake Chapters are now organized by county. ALL Chapter chairs and volunteers are encouraged to be paid members of Awake Illinois, though it isn't required.


Chapter chairs will oversee the efforts of their own district and will coordinate with volunteers on various scheduled initiatives. Duties will include registering voters, hosting local mail in ballot/election seminars/meet the candidate events, and election day poll work. Regular zoom meetings will be held to discuss updates and civic initiatives.


Overlap with local partisan organizations is permitted however this role will require training and commitment to door knocking and candidate support. Please be aware of your time commitment. 


To submit this form requires sign-in to alleviate bot invasion. Please contact us at with questions. Volunteers will be contacted when chapter chairs are set. Thank you!

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